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Block CFO Platform

Sample Engagement Selections

Block CFO

Asset 15Sales-Icons.png
Strategic Planning Session
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Identify Focused KPIs
Monthly Financial Review

Ideal for Start-ups

to Companies with

$1MM-$5MM in Revenue

Block CFO+

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Cash Management
Bi-Weekly Tactical Check-In
Quarterly Strategy Update

Advanced services,

suited for Companies

with $5MM-$10MM in Revenue

Board Advisory

Deep Dive Assessment
Monthly Debrief
Quarterly Board Report

Ideal for Companies without a Board, or a Board with limited industry experience

Activities that make up successful engagements

Strategic Activities

Deep Dive Assessment

Comprehensive assessment

of the operational and

financial state of the business, formalized in a presentation to management.

Asset 15Sales-Icons.png
Strategic Planning Session

Working session focused on creating and implementing the Company’s Strategy, incorporating operational and financial goals and objectives.

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Financial Modeling

Create a 5-10 year, driver based financial model that aligns with the Strategic plan –includes multiple management meetings

to fine-tune assumptions.

Tactical Activities

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Cash Management

Managing cash is critical to any business and can be a significant time drain on management. We create a weekly cash forecast and add structure to the process.

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Actionable Analytics

Identify the data points that truly drive the business (along with the corresponding actionable levers), measure them on a Scoreboard, and recommend a plan of action.

Performance Reporting

Workshop to reassess the current state of the Strategy, evaluating both operational and financial performance, and recalibrating as needed.

Review Sessions

Bi-Weekly Tactical Check-In

One-on-one session to discuss current events and recent activities, while providing real-time financial guidance for tactical decision making.

Monthly Financial Review

Designed to go beneath the surface of the numbers, identifying trends, successes, opportunities, areas to watch, and recommendations / takeaways to consider.

Quarterly "Board Meeting"

Strategic ‘Board Meeting’ style management presentation that includes financials and KPIs to highlight trends, opportunities, and areas to watch.

Typically in a + Engagement

Each engagement includes an incremental block
of dedicated support


Dedicated timeto support financial activities that arisethroughout theengagement

Up to 16 hours of additional support included
Reserved / dedicated support for agreed upon services
Ideal for scaling up around year-end or special projects
Unused hours roll from month to month
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CPA / Bank / Lender Meetings

Participate in meetings with the Company’s CPA, Bankers, Lenders (orother stakeholders) to align tax, financial planning, and banking strategies.

Financing Activities
Asset 8Investment-Icons.png

Support for financing activities, which could include lender / investor meetings, road show presentations, and diligence support.

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Decision Support

Createfinancial models andbusinesscases to evaluate   expansion scenarios, M&A transactions, capital investment alternatives, etc.

Asset 20Investment-Icons.png
Risk Assessment

Model scenarios to isolate potential liquidity issues, working capital needs, the impact of supply chain delays, covenant compliance, etc.

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Ad Hoc Analytics

Quicklyassess potential threats and opportunities as they arise, analyzing situations based on both qualitative and quantitative factors.

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System + Automation

Optimize (or automate) business processes through a combination of process redesign and system  enhancements.

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